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Media in service of the truth and dialogue with everyone

Catholic Media Center commemorated Saint Francis de Sales, a doctor of the church and a patron of media workers, in a parish hall of the parish Christ the King on 24 January in Belgrade through Eucharist celebration and cultural evening.

At the beginning of Eucharistic celebration, Rev. Ivan Poleto, the editor-in-chief of magazine Blagoevesti and a director of Catholic Media Center, greeted the Belgrade Archbishop Msgr Stanislav Hočevar, present priests and all believers, and congratulated the feast of St. Francis de Sales, a protector of media writers, who is especially celebrated by the Catholic Media Center of the Belgrade Archdiocese. He wished for our Media Center to always be in service of the truth, dialogue and on behalf of every man’s dignity.

Archbishop Hočevar, in his sermon, among other things, invited all media workers to notice the importance of speaking up, to approach all people using their words, to seek communion with all people, to make their word creative, beautiful so that it may bring meaning to life. He warmly welcomed media representatives from the Serbian Orthodox Church and the representative of the Directorate for Cooperation with Churches and Religious Communities, Mr. Gavrilo Grban. The Archbishop emphasized that every communication tends to receive requited love, meaning that all those people who read Blagovesti, answer to you, the journalists, as Jesus Christ answers to His heavenly Father.

Msgr Hočevar also emphasized the significance of communication between Eastern and Western Christianity. The Archbishop says that we cannot celebrate God who is Love, without communicating with each other. “We cannot celebrate a secret of love, without having nice and kind words for each other. May this Eucharistic celebration be a profound communication with God and among us”, the Archbishop concluded.

After the Eucharistic celebration, Catholic Media Center in cooperation with Mr. Ivan Sokač, author of a book “Ships”, organized a cultural and poetry evening, where two new books were presented by the Belgrade Archdiocese: “Jesus’ School of Life”, by Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and a multilingual poetry collection “Ships”, by Ivan Sokač. Cardinal’s book was presented by a translator, Prof. Dr Rade Kisić from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade. Young instrumentalists Iva and Ana Sokač and Ecumenical male choir led by a conductor Bratislav Prokić made this evening even more beautiful.