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The town of Bor has long been known as a rich mining town, the town of copper because ore has been mined there since the Roman era. After the liberation of Serbia from the Turkish government, mining was given a new momentum and Catholic experts and workers started to arrive to town. They were German, French, Polish, Italian… and later Croatian, Slovenian…

The first parish foundations had already been established by the Apostolic administrator of Catholics in Serbia and Niš, pastor Ferdinand Hrdy, but he could not build churches or appoint pastors (in the early twenties).

The establishment of the Archdiocese of Belgrade and Bor on 1 January 1928 by separation from Niš, an independent parish was established, and they chose St. Louis the King as their patron. Management of the parish was entrusted to the French priest – monk Assumptionist Privat Bellard. There were a lot of French in the mine at the time, so the choice of the priest and the Protector were quite understandable. Assumptionists stayed there until 1943. That same year, 1928, a small church was built as a temporary building, but it, with constant repairs, has remained so until today. Next to the little church there is a parish house. It was built by Chrisostom Louis Monnie, the second priest.

It is interesting that the Orthodox Church, at least for the most part, was built by Catholics (the stone plaque in the church itself says: “French”), as Bor was a village then, and the French constituted almost the majority of the population.

Restoration of the church, just the way it looks now, was carried out from 1992 to 1993. Later, further renovation of retaining wall and the facade was done and installation of central heating (1999), and now the extension of the sacristy is being planned.

According to the statistics of 1996, there were about 1000 believers in the parish of Bor, while about twenty children and young people attended catechism.

About 50 believers take part in the Sunday Holy Masses.

The most important celebration of the parish of Bor are:

– St. Louis, the patron of the parish – 25 August and

– St. Barbara, patroness of miners – 6 August. This day has especially been celebrated since the arrival of a large group of Polish miners in 1996. They then donated a beautiful statue of their patron saint, made from coal to the church in Bor.

In addition to the Assumptionists, the parishhas been run by the Salesians, Diocesan priests, and now members of the Neocatechumenal Way.

Nearby coal mines are Avramica, Vrška Čuka, Lubnica, Bogovina, Rtanj … and copper mines Majdanpek, Boljevac, Žagubica, Negotin and Kladovo branches of Bor, i.e. Zajecar parish. None of them has its chapel, but masses are often served in Catholic homes, especially in Majdanpek and Negotin, and for believers and pastors they are a special experience.

In 1860, a French priest Esprit Dalton built a church for the needs of French miners and founded a mission.


Sv. Louis
6 Vojske Jugoslavije Street, Bor 19210
Rev. Leonid Bevza, pastor
Tel.: 019 / 422-742

Service of God

Weekdays: Wed. – 6pm; Thurs. – 10am
Sundays and holidays: 10am