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History of the Catholic community in Aleksinac dates from the end of the nineteenth century, when numerous workers, Slovenes, Slovaks, Poles, Italians and Croats, came to live there. For a long time, it was the only pastoral center in the parish of Niš. In recent years, there was a need for church in this town too and its construction began in the late nineties of the twentieth century. The Caritas center was built next to the church thanks to donation of Slovenian and Italian Caritas (due to the fact that Aleksinac-based mines were closed and numerous residents were poor so charitable work proved to be necessary).

The first Holy Mass was served in 2003, in the new parish church dedicated to Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The church was blessed by Cardinal Msgr. Tarscisio Bertone, archbishop of the Italian city of Genoa. The ceremony was attended by the Bishop of Niš Irinej, now the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, with his entourage. Believers from Aleksinac take pride and joy in the church regardless of its size, as it is beautiful with a picture of a new saint.

Pastoral Centre of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

18 Tihomira Đurđevića Street, 18220 Aleksinac
Rev. Marko Trošt, administrator
phone: 018/803 596; Mob: 063/70 60 269


Weekdays: as and when needed: 8am or 4pm
Sundays and holy days: 8am

Chapel of the Assumption of Mary

12 Branislava Nušića Street, 16000 Leskovac
Administrator – Parish priest from Niš
Phone: 016/221 158
Mass on Sundays and holy days: 4pm