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World day of prayer commemorated in Belgrade

World day of prayer is a day commemorated every year in more than 180 countries all over the world by the “International Christian Women’s Movement”. It is traditionally commemorated every first Friday in March. Believers of different Christian denominations attend ecumenical prayer meeting every year. This year, World day of prayer has been commemorated in Belgrade as well, in the facilities of the Archdiocese of Belgrade (in 23 Višegradska Street). The prayer meeting was attended by: a protodeacon Radomir Rakić on behalf of Serbian Orthodox Church, Reverend Aleksandar Ninković on behalf of Catholic Church of Latin rite, protopriest Vladislav Varga on behalf of Catholic Church of Eastern rite, Mr. Gavrilo Grban on behalf of the Office for cooperation with churches and religious communities of the Republic of Serbia and believers of different Christian denominations.

The topic of this year’s prayer meeting was „Come, for everything is ready now!” (Luke 14, 15-24). Liturgical texts were prepared by women from Slovenia whose country was the host of ecumenical prayer meeting. Through liturgical reading, it was pondered the way we treat each other, how we treat marginalized people and whether we notice them enough. Every year, we admire the strength of unity of all participants, we sympathize with their worries and hopes and we find an incentive in their faith and our Lord Jesus Christ.