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Parish priests of Bor-based parish almost always manage the parish of Zaječar, which, separated from Niš-based parish, was founded in 1934 but the church was built in 1929. The sanctuary, the sacristy and the hall were added (but afterwards also destroyed) subsequently. Before the Second World War, there were permanent Catholic military priests (Rikard Zajc, Ivan Maračić) who took care of the worship and parish.

When they left, parish priests from Bor looked after the believers.

St. Juraj the martyr is the patron saint of the parish in Zaječar. He is celebrated on April 23.

The parish experienced its peak just before the war of the present day. There were numerous Catholics from Letnice in Zaječar then, all of them men, singles, and often a hundred of them filled the church.

In addition to the Assumptionists, the parish has been run by the Salesians, Diocesan priests, and now members of the Neocatechumenal Way.

Part of the parish apartment has long been occupied by foreign people to the detriment of the parish and parish priest.

School Sisters of St. Francis from Slovenia, based in Maribor, came to Serbia in 1932 and rapidly expanded their operations outside Belgrade too. Thus, they had a nursery and kindergarten (1937-1945) in Paraćin, and for a while even a boarding school for girls in grammar school in Zaječar.

In 1941, the Sisters arrived in hospitals in Senjski rudnik and later moved to Bor, where they worked in several hospital wards: surgical, infectious diseases, pediatric ward, in the lab. Unfortunately, when the last sister retired, due to few new members the sisters withdrew to Niš, i.e. returned to Slovenia.

Church St. Juraj

20 Kumanovska Street, 19 000 Zaječar
Rev.Marjan Lindić, Parish priest
Phone: 019/422 742


Weekdays: Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 6pm
Sundays and holy days: 6pm