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…„Ships“ by Ivan Sokač


…”Ships“ by Ivan Sokač sailed the seas, dashingly, without prejudice, to all parts of the world. Eastern and western, northern and southern ports are rejoicing them, waiting for the secret souls to debark, light on both sides of the cross, primordial warmness, Christlike kindness of the world and, of course, the music of distant sunsets, returned and unreturned love, poetic grief, elusive beats of nature.

From his first book of poems to this representative selection in front of us, Ivan Sokač presents us as the original poet who bravely enters the vortices, darkness and rapids of the unpredictable spheres of poetry worlds, convincingly sealing the achievement in  the time in which he creates and the centuries that will come, with the same glow and intentions.

We can notice that Ivan Sokač’s poetry keeps the same temperature of life’s joy even when his poetry is translated into Russian, English and German. Translated into Russian, poems have nominated their author for the “Sergei Jesenjin” award and will present him in Moscow, a city of his poetry-role models, to whom he is very close to creative practice – reflectively. In several American electronic journals for literature, Ivan’s poems, translated into English, received the due attention of the literary authorities there, and thanks to readers’ voices (readers are indisputable estimators of the poet’s gift) his poems were proclaimed for the best poems of the month. The lyrical circles of our poet are spreading into the German speaking area, and it seems that they will also be recognized there as true value of a firm spiritual vertical.

With the book “Ships” Ivan Sokač is determined as a poet master with wide-ranging views, as the author responsible for poetic writing, which sings with the strength of Međimurje, the breeze of Fruška gora, the yearning of Belgrade, the grape of Toplica, intertwining  his achievement  into the knit of Serbian culture, loyal and undeniable. This achievement was also recognized by the publisher of this book – the Belgrade’s Archbishopric, which, so unselfishly and with love, contributes to the flowering of the Serbian poetic scene.

Ivan Lalović, literate writer