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The Parish of the Holy Family, Valjevo

Between the two world wars, there was an independent chaplaincy with a public chapel of the Holy Family at Dom vojske “Vojvoda Mišić”, where pastoral service was performed by military priests. Priest Mirko Novak is particularly well remembered, who was buried at the military cemetery in 1934. During the war, priest Valentin Bertoncelj, who was banished from Slovenia, dwelt there. At the time, chaplaincy had about 450 believers.

It was founded as an independent parish in 1966. Prior to its establishment, a house was bought in Zeke Buljubaše Street and a chapel, dedicated to the Holy Family, was opened. The chapel was blessed by the Archbishop Gabrijel Bukatko in the presence of about fifty believers.

In 1968 the parish included: Valjevo, Ljig, Lajkovac, Loznica etc.

Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul were working in Valjevo based hospital.

This parish also does not often have its own permanent priest due to lack of priests. The parish was administered by the Lazarists from Belgrade for a long time, diocesan priests, and now by priests who belong to the Neocatechumenal way.

Parish priests (administrators) are: Andrej Tumpej, Janez Smolić, Andrej Lukan, Petar Tašev, Ivan Plazar, Drago Pokorn, Vjekoslav Ljubas, Mato Božić, Stjepan Patljak, Bono Mazić, Drago Žumer, Antun Kragol etc.


Church of the Holy Family

3 Zeke Buljubaše Street, 14000 Valjevo
Parish priest, Rev.  Andrej Đuriček
Phone: 015 341-906/ Mobile: 069 805 02 14
E-mail: sv.ana@sbb.co.rs



Workdays: according to agreement

Sundays and holy days: 5 p.m.